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Our 156 is Model year 2001, so its exhaust system is detuned by alfaromeo to pass new EC standard.
2001 model is too silent for us, and we will change end muffler at first.
We like MEXC-S, OVER Racing, (these are Japanese brand) or SuperSprint.
But our favorite is NOVITEC!!!

#Tires & Wheels
In Japan, normal tire size is "205/55-16" but it's too poor for us.
We're planning to put "225/45-17" or "225/40-18"
Maybe they are over size for 156, but there's no doubt it's good looking.

This is our 156 with Zender Siena 18inch. (made by Photoshop...)
Very good looking! Please see 18inch Wheel Matcing Special for more information about this big wheel.