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<Some troubles until now>

Light bulb for rear number plate broke.

Rounded covers on sideskirts were misplaced.

There was a heavy fricative noise when we accelerate our 156.
Just like two metalic materials were rubbed each other under body. This noise usually appeared after 30 minutes driving. Never happened when engine was cool.
Mechanic said "something inner engine room interfere when engine is expansion by heat up"
So they adjusted heat cover.

But fricative sounds were still there. We showed mechanics our machine again.
They tested and drove our 156 again and again. And at last they found the source of the noise.
6 speed transmission were bad condition! Mechanics exchanged transmission unit.
Now we can enjoy our great V6 sounds without noise.

Hinge of front right door was rusted. Already solved by repainting.Cannot open rear right door. Weather strip adhered to the door. Spontaneous recovery.
Alfa Romeo Dealer said that this happen to many 156!